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2015 Highlights

Binational Policy Forum on Migration and Global Health



This year’s Forum included presentations from Latin American leaders and workshops in critical areas affecting Latinos’ health including: access to and utilization of health services, nutrition/diabetes/obesity, mental health, violence, and occupational and safety.



Migration and Health Report “A Profile of Latin Americans in the US”: CONAPO-UC

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This new report describes the sociodemographic characteristics of Latin American migrant population in the United States. Immigrants’ health concerns, such as access to medical insurance and the three main health issues affecting this population—diabetes mellitus, mental illnesses and conditions affecting the elderly population—are also explored. Differences between those born in Mexico, Central or South America and now resident in the U.S. are compared with the nonHispanic U.S. population, using U.S and Mexican data sources.


IBIZA Reporte de Actividades

TCE hosts HIA Summer Institute

Now in its fifth year, IBIZA (Spanish for the binational Zacatecas health initiative) continues to empower communities through their annual binational exchange, where health promotors from California have the opportunity to learn about the health needs of the migrant population, as well as the work strategies that are being implemented in the communities where the migration has originated to improve the health and quality of life of these populations



Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health

TCE hosts HIA Summer Institute


The organization of the 10th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health was a joint effort of the Health Initiative of the Americas –a program of UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, the UC Global Health Institute through its Center of Expertise on Migration and Health, and the Migration and Health Research Center.

Take a look at our 2015 Summer Institute Pictures


Migration and Health: A Research Methods Handbook (2014)

This path-breaking handbook is the first to engage with the many unique issues that arise in the study of migrant communities. It offers a comprehensive description of quantitative and qualitative methodologies useful in work with migrant populations. By providing information and practical tools, the editors fill existing gaps in research methods and enhance opportunities to address the health and social disparities migrant populations face in the United States and around the world.