Creating the next generation of leaders

Since its inception, HIA has been dedicated to producing and training the next generation of leaders. As a result, HIA has created several programs that aim not only to teach, but mentor. These programs include:

  • Summer Institute on Migration & Health: An international event that offers researchers, faculty, graduate students and professionals working with migrant communities around the world a unique opportunity to learn about different health issues that affect mobile populations. International experts present on diverse topics. The four-day course includes a combination of lectures, workshops, and field trips that offer an exceptional opportunity to not only learn, but to create professional networks.
  • Graduate Course on Migration & Health: Offered at UC Berkeley School of Public Health as well as UC Davis this course focuses on the effects that migration has on the health/disease issues of communities in the countries of origin, transit and destination. Successful public health intervention programs targeting those populations are analyzed.
  • UC-Mexico Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy School Student Immersion Program: This unique immersion program is facilitates a Spanish-Language immersion program for UC Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy School Students in hopes of fostering an interest in the health-care needs of immigrants from Mexico. Additionally, it helps train medical personnel to provide care to Spanish-speaking patients in a culturally competent manner.

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