15th Binational Health Week




For fifteen years, Binational Health Week (BHW) has aimed to respond, from an equity standpoint, to the opportunities and challenges faced by Latinos living in the United States and Canada.

Since its inception in 2001, the Secretariats of Health and Foreign Affairs of Mexico have led this effort with the collaboration of the Health Initiative of the Americas of the University of California at Berkeley, School of Public Health. Over the years, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, and several Latin-American consulates, have joined BHW, expanding the impact of the program to thousands of immigrants in the U.S. and Canada.

Today, BHW is one of the largest mobilization effort in the Americas improving the well-being of the Latino population. To achieve this goal, thousands of health events such as workshops, health fairs, and medical screenings take place every October. During the last 15 years more than five million people have received direct services as well as health prevention and promotion information.

Thanks to the collaboration and support of thousands of government agencies at the federal, state, and local level, community organizations, and public and private organizations, BHW has become an international catalyst for sustained cooperation, building and solidifying social networks that reach year-round beyond BHW. These partnerships also have a positive economic and social impact in the countries of origin, transit, and of destination, in addition to benefiting underserved families.


XV Binational Health Week Report





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