2019 Activity Report

2019 HIA Activity Report

What we do:

  • Mobilizing networks to construct an international movement
    With the leadership of many countries and the support of thousands of agencies and volunteers, the annual Binational Health Week (BHW) has brought health services and health promotion activities to Latino migrant communities throughout the United States and Canada, reaching millions of people.
  • Educating and empowering culturally competent leaders in the health and migration field
  • Capacity building for sustainable and lasting change
    The Binational Promotores Program serves various networks in California and nationwide. Over 6,000 promotores have received training and 370 have participated in the Exchange Program between Mexico and the U.S. HIA has conducted over 200 trainings based on its own authored Promotores training manuals since the program’s inception in 2003.
  • Making health care accessible
    Through our strategic media campaigns, HIA periodically raises public awareness of migrant health issues and promotes healthy behavior among migrant families through social media and in-person communication.
  • Producing a plethora of resources and sharing best practices
    Year-round, HIA releases policy reports and fact sheets, promotora training modules, health education pamphlets, articles, and delivers public presentations. Two migration and health repositories, available to the public, were created by HIA and are hosted online: the Migration and Health Resource Repository (http://repository.ucdavis.edu/) and the Occupational Health and Safety Resource Center (http://migranthealth.ucdavis.edu/). All HIA publications are available on the HIA website: https://hia.berkeley.edu/.