IBIZA Program expands to include 2 more states


The Zacatecas Binational Health Initiative (IBIZA, for its Spanish Acronym) is a collaborative program between the Zacatecas Government and the Health Initiatives of the Americas, in conjunction with various Federations of Zacatecans in the United States.

IBIZA’s objective is to improve the quality of life and health of the Zacatecan population living in the United States by working in three areas: a) providing primary and preventative medical services, b) providing materials and training on relevant health topics, and c) funding scientific research that could impact public policy.

Previously IBIZA has only concentrated its efforts in California, with taskforces in Northern California, Southern California and Napa Valley. Thanks to IBIZA’s proven success, it will now expand to include Illinois and Texas, both states that have a large Zacatecan population.

For more information on IBIZA, please visit our website: https://hiaibiza.wordpress.com/