2nd Binational Health Forum DCP3

The second meeting of the Binational Health Forum took place in Mexico City’s National Institute of Genomic Medicine, during February 21 and 22. Its focus was mainly on disseminating the recommendations of the World Bank publication Priorities for Disease Control, 3rd edition. The findings and recommendations included in this publication—the product of the seven-year effort of more than 300 international experts—provide a road-map that could help improve health and reduce inequities in countries of our region, and thus aim towards meeting the Sustainable Millennium Goals in health.

About DCP3:

The product of a decade of work by more than 300 experts from around the world, DCP3 is a publication that compromises nine volumes. This is the first time the findings and recommendations of Priorities for Disease Control are presented in Spanish, which will surely increase its accessibility and impact in Spanish-speaking countries.


Here is the link to the Spanish DCP3 materials on the DCP3 website for those who want to access the compendium or specific chapters online. http://www.dcp-3.org/es

Photos of the event: