The Health Initiative of the Americas has signed more than 57 agreements with federal and state governments of Latin American, the US and Canada, academic institutions, agencies, foundations and non profit organizations. The collaborative efforts have been crucial for the successful implementation of HIA programs highlights the binational and international discussion of migration and health.

HIA has signed agreements with the following institutions of the Mexican Government:

Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM)
2011 Cooperation Agreement UNAM & HIA
2011 Convenio de Colaboración UNAM & ISA

National Board of Science and Technology (CONACYT)
2010 letter to CONACYT and agreeement

The Mexican-United States Foundation for Science (FUMEC)
2005 FUMEC Memorandum of Understanding Extension

2002 FUMEC Memorandum of Understanding
2002 FUMEC & HIA Memorandum of Understanding

Mexican Radio Institute (IMER)
2006 IMER-CMHI Memorandum of Understanding

Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)
2002 Collaboration Agreement IMSS-CPAC
2004 Memorando de Entendimiento CMHI-IMSS

2001 Sub-Propuesta IMSS

National Institute of Women (INMUJERES)
2008 Collaboration Ageement Inmujeres-UCB
2008 Acuerdo de Colaboración Inmujeres-UCB
2004 Acuerdo de Colaboración INMUJERES-IME VERSION

2008 Collaboration agreement INMUJERES-HIA

National Public Health Institute of Mexico (INSP)
2008 Memorando de Entendimiento HIA-INSP

2008 Letter of Intent UCB-INSP
2008 Carta de Intención UCB-INSP

Universidad La Salle (ULSA)
2003 UC-ULSA Español
2003 UC-ULSA

Mexican Foundation for Family Planning (MEXFAM)
M Memorandum of Understanding

Research Program on Migration and Health (PIMSA)
2009 Collaboration Agreement PIMSA SSA-UC
2009 Agreement MAHRC-PIMSA
2012 Agreement CONAPO-PIMSA

Mexican Educational Radio
2006 ISMECAL-Mexican Educational Radio Memorandum of Understanding

Secretariat of Health (SSA)
Propuesta de Trabajo HIA-SSA

Sub-propuesta de Trabajo HIA-SSA
Acuerdo de Colaboración SSA-Conavac
2002 RFP CMHI-SSA Memorandum of Understanding

2004 CMHI-SSA Memoranda de Entendimiento
2003 CMHI-SSA Memorandum of Understanding
2005 CMHI-SSA Memorandum of Understanding
2009 Accuerdo SSA-UCB PIMSA
2001 Proclamación
2001 Proclamation

2002 Acuerdo de Colaboración UC-SSA-IMSS

2002 Collaboration Agreement UC-SSA-IMSS

Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP)

Universidad Iberoamericana
2003 CMHI-Lideres Campesinas-UIA Memorandum of Understanding

2010 Carta de Intención Zacatecas-UCB
2010 Letter of Intent Zacatecas-UCB
2015 Carta de Intención Zacatecas-UCB
2016 Carta de Intención Zacatecas-UCB

HIA has signed agreements with the following organizations in the US.

AIDS Project Los Angeles
The California Endowment
The Farmworker Justice Fund, Inc. 2004
Almudena Ortiz – Author of Overcoming Faceless Labor
University of California Office of the President (UCOP);
School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley (UCB-SPH);

Center for Children’s Environmental Health Research
Clínicas de Salud del Pueblo
County of Monterey through its Health Department
Family HealthCare Network
Planned Parenthood 2011
Health Plan of San Joaquin
Agreement UC MEXUS- HIA
City of San Franciso 2005

Universidad de del País Vasco 2014

HIA has signed agreements with the following Latin American Governments



2012 National Secretary of Ecuadoran Migrants (SENAMI)
2010 Agreement Ecuador- Mexico

El Salvador

Letter of Intent 2009
El Salvador


Guatemala 2009



Peru 2009

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