Liliana Osorio

Xóchitl Castañeda
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Liliana Osorio
Deputy Director
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Caroline Dickinson
Administrative Manager
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Stephany Pizano
Program Coordinator
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Laura Torres
Special Projects Coordinator
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Valdemar Díaz Hinojosa
Binational Program Manager
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Bob White
Event Photographer
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Staff Support:

Luis Sanchez
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Clara Ramirez-Lopez
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Carlos Paramo Brotzman
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Liliana Osorio

Deputy Director


Liliana Osorio is the Deputy Director of the Health Initiative of the Americas (HIA), where she works since 2002. Since joining HIA she has been involved in several projects, including the coordination of Binational Health Week, the Binational Policy Forum on Migration and Public Health, and the Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health. She has also managed several projects and campaigns at a state level, such as the “H1N1 Influenza Outreach and Education Campaign to Reach the Hard-to-Reach Latinos in California”, and more recently a state-wide program to educate and refer Latinos to enroll in health insurance through California Covered.

Liliana is the editor of four editions of the “English – Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms”. She has also collaborated in the development of several other publications including educational manuals for community health workers and fact sheets on migrant health issues. Liliana received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication and Journalism in Bogota, Colombia and currently is pursuing a Master on Public Health at San Diego State University.

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