October 6th Conference

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The purpose of the first in-person meeting of the HWG was to bring both UC and Mexico faculty together to discuss potential strategies for the five subgroups representing the three research areas and the two online certificates. This meeting was strategically held in context of the XV Binational Health Week’s inaugural event, the “Policy Forum on Migration and Global Health.”

Following the Forum, the HWG met on October 6th at the UCSF Mission Bay campus. The meeting began with a plenary session, led by the co-chairs, Jaime Sepulveda and Stefano Bertozzi. During the plenary session, Dr. Mercedes Juan, the former Secretary of Health of Mexico, spoke of the importance of the UC-Mexico Initiative Health Working Group for both countries and its promising future. UC President Napolitano sent a greeting, championing the work of this group.

The second part of the meeting occupied most of the day and divided the HWG into the five subgroups. These subgroup meetings served to foster discussion, elaborate the goals and sketch out an initial plan to move forward to developing a binational project. At the conclusion of the day, each subgroup presented a summary, which included their overview and a tentative six-month timeline, to the plenary session. There was a total of 53 participants at the conference. Each of the ten UC campuses was represented as well as the 12 following Mexican institutions: UNAM, COFEPRIS, INP, SSA, the Carlos Slim Foundation, INNSZ, INSP, INCan, INPRF, El Colegio de México, SRE, and IMSS. The day closed with a dinner hosted by Amelia Kaymen to which all participants and potential donors to the Initiative were invited.