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The ninth Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health, organized by the Health Initiative of the Americas (HIA) of the University of California (UC), Berkeley, School of Public Health, in conjunction with the Center of Expertise on Migration and Health (COEMH) of the UC Global Health Initiative (UCGHI), and the Migration and Health Research Center (MAHRC) took place from June 16th to 19th in Oakland, California.

The presentations covered a wide spectrum of issues related to migrant health, including: the Health Care Reform in the U.S. and their impact on Migrant Populations; the Economics of Immigration; Social Determinants of Migrant Health; Women and Migration; Occupational Health; and the health of Deported Mexican Migrants. The workshops also covered topics such as Qualitative Research Methods in Global Migration; From Publication to Public Action; How to Reach out to Migrant Populations, and  Mental Health. All presentations are available on the HIA website,

A total of 86 participants including professionals working in the field of migration and health, researchers, academic faculty, students, and providers of social services to migrant communities attended the Institute. They represented 50 organizations and came from different countries including Mexico, Spain, Greece, Australia and the U.S. Twenty-five speakers from the national and international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the International Organization for Migration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Mexican Secretariats of Health, Foreign Affairs and the Interior, as well as several respected professors from Universities in Spain, Mexico, and the United States, conducted lectures, and workshops. The University of California campuses were represented by 24 students and 13 faculty members.

The Summer Institute also hosted the fifth annual COEMH workshop for UC students. Ten students from 6 UC campuses were able to present their research on different subjects related to migration and health and receive feedback from UC/COEMH faculty. The students’ experience was also enriched by the opportunity to attend the plenary presentations of the Summer Institute and network with other international researchers.

The last day of the Summer Institute was dedicated to a field visit to the Ventanilla de Salud Program; a health station at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco. Participants listened to interesting presentations about their different programs and their efforts to be culturally and linguistically competent for the populations they serve.

The 9th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health was possible thanks to the sponsorship of: The UC Global Health Institute – Center of Expertise on Migration and Global Health; the Migration and Health Research Center; Heath Outreach Partners; The California Endowment; IBIZA; and the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco.


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