Summer Institute Files 2017

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Migration is a complex phenomenon that continues to be an integral part of the modern world. International migration has increased substantially during recent years, driven by economic disparities, violence, and globalization, among other factors. Migrants face unique health challenges, and a specialized understanding is vital to develop systems and policies to that will adequately address these challenges.

During the Annual Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health, researchers, faculty, graduate students, and professionals working with migrant communities around the world come together to learn about different health issues that affect mobile populations. Participants have the opportunity to discuss and analyze the interrelation between migration and health in depth from a multi-disciplinary perspective.


Through a combination of lectures, workshops, poster sessions, and field trips, the Institute allows for an exceptional opportunity not only to learn, but also to create professional networks. Some of the topics covered include current and historical trends on migration and global health; access to health care; refugee health; research methodologies for migrant and refugee populations; best practices to work with vulnerable and underserved displaced people; and current political issues related to migrants and refugees.

The 12th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health is organized by the Health Initiative of the Americas at the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley; the UC-Mexico Initiative, Health Working Group; and the Migration and Health Research Center.


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