Summer Institute files 2018


Presentations by days


Migration and Global Health: Historical & Current Trends

Marc Schenker, University of California Davis

Global Policies & Strategies to Address Migrant Health

Santino Severoni, World Health Organization

Joint Initiative of the Health of the Migrants and their Families

Karen Carpio, International Organization for Migration

Returning to the County of Origin: Challenges and Opportunities

Xochitl Castañeda, University of California Berkeley


Simultaneous Sessions

  1. Moving from Research to Public Policy

Steven P. Wallace, University of California Los Angeles and Sandra Perez, University of California Berkeley

  1. Strategies for Improving Communication with Limited English Proficient

       Populations During Emergencies

      Justine Kozo & Laura Curvey,County of San Diego Health and Human

Services and Office of Emergency Services

  1. Data Sources and Research Methods on Migration and Health

Alfonso Rodriguez-Lainz, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



Cure TB: Treating Tuberculosis Across Borders

Kathleen Moser, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Refugee Health: Overview of California Screening Program and Key Findings of 2017 Health Data

Nuny Cabanting, California Department of Public Health

Migration and the Health of Those Who Stay Behind With a Focus on the Effects on Children and Elderly Left Behind.

Melissa Siegel, United Nations University, Netherlands


Panel Discussion

Delivering Health Services to Migrant Populations: Challenges and Opportunities

Facilitator: Ndola Prata, University of California Berkeley

Panelists: Carmela Castellano-Garcia, California Primary Care Association;  David B. Vliet, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center; Margaret Wheeler, UCSF School of Medicine


Simultaneous Sessions

  1. Immigrant Occupational Health and Safety

Marc Schenker, University of California Davis

  1. Community-Based Approaches to Researching Migrant Health

Shira Goldenberg, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada

  1. The Unique Health Needs of Syrian Refugees: Case Studies and Overview of Current Research

Fatima Karaki, University of California San Francisco; Laila Soudi, Stanford University



Mexico’s Strategy for Health Services for Migrant Populations

Gabriela Jurado Gutiérrez, Secretariat of Health of Mexico

Remittances and Its Impact on the Health of Migrants and their Families

Jose Jorge Mora, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higer Education, Mexico &  Jesus Arellano Gonzalez, University of California Davis

Mobile Populations, Violence and Health

Cathy Zimmerman, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Gender, Geographic Mobility and HIV/AIDS in Southern and East Africa

Carol Camlin, University of California San Francisco

The Ulysses Syndrome: The immigrant Syndrome with Chronic and Multiple Stress

Joseba Achotegui, University of Barcelona, Spain


Simultaneous Sessions

  1. Migrant Children’s Mental Health

Dori Espeso, University of Barcelona

  1. Methodological and Ethical Considerations of a Five-Year Study With Migrants in Transit Through Mexico

Cesar Infante, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico


Simultaneous Sessions

  1. Human Trafficking and the U.S. – Mexico Nexus

Diana Fimbres, Polaris

  1. Climate Change, Migration, and Health

Federico Castillo, University of California Berkeley

  1. Group Discussion: Working with Vulnerable Migrant Populations

Facilitator: Liliana Osorio, University of California Berkeley