Summer Institute files 2019

Wednesday, July 10
Location: The California Endowment (TCE), 2000 Franklin St. Oakland, CA

Global Migration: Past, Present, and Future
Marc Schenker, University of California Davis
Changes in Immigration Policies in the U.S.
Steven Wallace, University of California Los Angeles
Best Practices in Responding to Refugee and Migrant Health Challenges in Europe
Santino Severoni, World Health Organization
Human Rights and Medical-Legal Partnerships: a Framework for Research and Advocacy
Joseph Shin, Weill Cornell Medicine
Breakout Sessions
1. Data Sources and Research Methods on Migration and Health 
Alfonso Rodriguez-Lainz, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2. US-Mexico Collaborations to Improve Migrants’ Health (presentation in Spanish) (File 1, File 2)
Gudelia Rangel, US-Mexico Border Health Commision Mexican Section and Liliana Osorio, University of California Berkeley
3. Occupational Health and Safety
Marc Schenker, University of California Davis
Breakout Sessions
4. Mapping Spatial Inequality in Immigrant Services 
Irene Bloemraad, University of California Berkeley
5. Policy Dialogues: Evidence and Engagement for Advancing Health Equity
Lisa Cacari-Stone, University of New Mexico
6. Alcohol & Substances Related Sexual Risk in Latino Migrant Day Laborers (File 1, File 2, File 3)
Kurt Organista, University of California Berkeley


Thursday, July 11
Location: The California Endowment (TCE), 2000 Franklin St., Oakland, CA

Regional Coordination and Health Response to Mass Migration in Latin America
Karen Carpio, International Organization for Migration
Health Disparities among Asian Immigrants in the U.S. 
Julia Liou, Asian Health Services
Universal Healthcare for all? Perspectives from Europe
Lydia Mehrara, Nord University, Norway
Isabel Almendro, General University Hospital Gregorio, Marañón, Spain
Panel on Data Collection on Immigrant’s Health: Benefits vs Harm
– Alfonso Rodriguez-Lainz, Center for Disease Control and Prevention
– Deliana Garcia, Migrant Clinicians Network
– Joseph Shin, Weill Cornell Medicine
Moderator: Irene Bloemraad, UC Berkeley
Breakout Sessions
7. Human Trafficking and Health: International Research and Evaluation 
Cathy Zimmerman, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
8. Conducting Outreach in an Anti-immigrant Climate
Liam Spurgeon & Diana Lieu, Health Outreach Partners
9. Visit to Asian Health Center- Oakland (from 2:00 to 4:00 )  The clinic is located at 101 8th St., Oakland.
Breakout Sessions
10. Resilience, Faith, & Social Supports in Forced Migrants from Central America and Mexico
Mark Lusk, Samuel Terrazas, Janette Caro and Perla Chaparro, University of  Texas at El Paso
11. Mental Health and PTSD in War Refugees (File 1, file 2, file 3, file 4, file 5)
Patrick Marius Koga, University of California Davis

Friday, July 12
Location: University of California Berkeley, School of Public Health. (2121 Berkeley Way #5302, Berkeley, CA 94720. Colloquium Room)

Gendered Dimensions of Population Mobility Across HIV Epidemics in Rural Eastern Africa
Carol Camlin, University of California San Francisco
Gender, Vulnerability, and Resilience among children ‘Left Behind’ by Migrant Kin
Michaella Vanore, United Nations University – Maastricht University
Refugee Health
Clelia Pezzi, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
Division of Global Migration and Quarantine, Immigrant, Refugee, and Migrant Health Branch
Returning to the Place of Origin
Andrea Bautista, Colegio de Mexico
The Ulysses Syndrome: The Immigrant Syndrome with Chronic and Multiple Stress
Joseba Achotegui, University of Barcelona
Breakout Sessions
12. Understanding the Tests to Assess the Migratory Mourning and the Ulysses Syndrome
Joseba Achotegui and Dori Espeso, University of Barcelona
13. Climate Change, Migration, and Health
Federico Castillo, University of California Berkeley
14. Humanizing Deportation (videos and discussion)
Robert Irwin,  University of California Davis