Valdemar Díaz Hinojosa

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Valdemar Díaz Hinojosa
Binational Program Manager
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Valdemar Díaz Hinojosa

Binational Program Manager

Valdemar Díaz is a visiting scholar at the Berkeley School of Public Health. He participates as a binational project manager in the Health Initiative of the Americas under the umbrella of the University of California – Mexico Initiative, Health Working Group.

In Mexico, Valdemar has collaborated in several multidisciplinary research projects regarding peasant economy (COLMEX), human development (PNUD), biodiversity management (CBMM-México), indigenous forestry, lichen ecology, and eco-friendly technologies (CRIM-UNAM). He also has taught in different universities including Universidad de Quintana Roo, CIDE, and CIIDIR-Oaxaca.

Valdemar attended his undergraduate studies at CIDE (Economics, graduated with honors, Premio Banamex de Economía) and his graduate program at UNAM (Geography). He enjoys reading novels, watching the sky, and petting his cats.