2006 Project Results


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Mexican Migrant Health Needs in Upstate New York: A Survey and Intervention (Report) (Policy Brief)
By: Jennifer Burrell, James Collins, Casey Walsh and Elena Bilbao

Influence of Clinical and Nonclinical Factors on Diabetes Outcomes: A Bi-National Comparison of Mexican Migrants and Mexican-American Immigrants 
By: Ranjita Misra, Ivonne Vizcarra Bordi and Roxana Valdes Ramos

A Comparative Analysis of Mexican and American Social marketing Strategies for Health Education: Implications for Binational Health Initiatives Targeting Mexican Migrants 
By: Victoria Ojeda and Janet Garcia-Gonzalez

Day Labor’s Health and the Social Responsibility of the Agricultural Agencies 
By: Douglas Taren, Maria Isabel Ortega, and Patricia Aranda Gallegos

Gobernanza y Protección Social en Salud para Emigrantes Mexicanos en Estados Unidos de América: ¿Es Factible un Seguro Binacional de Salud? 
By: Armando Arredondo, Emanuel Orozco, Steven Wallace, and Michael Rodríguez

Health Promotion through a Bi-National Lens: A Study in Community Based Health Promotion Programs in Indigenous Mexican Migrant Communities 
By: Maria Colores Paris Pombo, Patricia Zavella and Rebecca Hester