Emergency Preparedness

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HIA has developed training and reference materials to assist in preparing California to reach the at-risk Latino population in the event of a public health emergency. While California is the primary target for this campaign, the majority of the materials are not location-specific and can be downloaded and used by any interested reader. The primary audience includes public health officials and decision-makers, clinic or other health services outlet directors and program staff, and community health outreach workers. We urge anyone in these general categories to view the materials and utilize those that could help your community, county, region, or state be better prepared to disseminate information to hardly reached Latinos during the critical hours and days surrounding public health emergencies.


Emergency Preparedness

Improving Outreach to At-Risk Latino Populations for Pandemic Influenza and Public Health Emergency Preparedness – Available in English Only

Guide for Coordination and Implementation of Strategies at the Local Level: Outreaching the “At-Risk” Latino Population for Pandemic Influenza and Public Health Emergencies – English (Trifold)

Guía para la coordinación e implementación de estrategias en su comunidad: Cómo Llegar a la Población Latina “A Riesgo” en caso de una Pandemia de Influenza o una Emergencia de Salud Pública – Spanish (Triptico)

Influenza Training Materials

Influenza Manual for Community Leaders and Community Health Workers – English

Influenza Manual para Lideres Comunitarios y Promotores de Salud – Spanish

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