Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health

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15th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health

Online Course
September 1 – 24, 2020

The Annual Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health is an event that has gained national and international recognition, since it is one of the few academic spaces dedicated to present and analyze in depth the interrelation between migration, the health of migrants, and global health from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The Summer Institute provides researchers, faculty, graduate students, and professionals working with migrant communities around the world, a unique opportunity to learn about different health issues that affect mobile populations.

This year the focus was on assessing the effects of pandemics on migrants and refugees, and how to protect these populations. Although migration is a natural phenomenon that have always been an integral part of human history, it has  substantially increased in recent years as a result of economic disparities, violence, climate change, and globalization, among  other factors. Policies, regulations and debates about migration have intensified in recent years, in many cases jeopardizing the health of the migrants  and the people around them.  

The goal of the Summer Institute is to provide an academic space dedicated to present and analyze the interrelation  between migration, the health of migrants, and global health from a multi disciplinary perspective. 

COVID-19 posed great challenges to our traditional way of offering our conference but also a great opportunity to gain the perspective of speakers we would not have had in-person as well as participants from virtually six continents. We were also able to offer a simultaneous interpretation in English and Spanish allowing more people, especially from Latin America, to participate in this wonderful event. 

Today, more than ever, we need to have a better understanding of the health effects of migration, and improve the skills of those individuals dedicated to conducting research, impacting policies, and improving health services related to migration and global health.  The 15th Annual Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health was held in online from September 1 to 24, 2020.


Click here for this year’s report

Click here for last year’s video.


Archives of Previous Summer Institutes


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