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Updates on Vaccines Against COVID for Children

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 8.01.45 AM

Actualización sobre las vacunas contra el COVID para niños 

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Information about the COVID-19 vaccine for children


Información de la vacuna contra el COVID-19 para niños 


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Information on Traveling during the COVID-19 Pandemic Within the U.S. and internationally

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Información para viajar dentro de los Estados Unidos e internacionalmente durante la pandemia del COVID-19

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Access to Healthcare for Hispanics in the United States


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Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 11.16.55 AM

HIV/AIDS and the Latino Community in the U.S.-English

VIH/ Sida y los Latinos en EE.UU. – Spanish


Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 11.21.07 AM

Migration and Health: Indigenous Immigrant Communities in the U.S.

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 11.21.40 AM

Migración y salud: comunidades de inmigrantes indígenas en los EE. UU.



UC-Mexico Initiative Health Working Group Spanish 2015-accesstocarefactsheetUC-Mexico Initiative Health Working Group English 2015-diabetesfactsheet2015Demographic Profile of Latinos Spanish 2015-diabetesfactsheet2015Demographic Profile Of Latinos English
2015-hivaidsfactsheet2015Access to Healthcare for Latinos Spanish  Access to Healthcare for Latinos English


2015-occupationalhealthsafetyfactsheet2015Occupational health and Safety Among Latinos in the US 2015-accesstocarefactsheetAccess to Health Care for Latinos in the US 2015-diabetesfactsheet2015Diabetes and Latinos in the US 2015-diabetesfactsheet2015Gangs Among Latinos in the US
2015-hivaidsfactsheet2015HIV/AIDS And Latinos in the US


2014-demographic2014Demographic profile of Latinos in the US 2014-gangs2014Gangs Among Latinos in the US 2014-occupationshealth2014Occupational Health and safety Among Latinos in the US 2014-womens-healthHealth Status of Mexican Immigrant Women in the US


2013-insurance-coverage13_page_1Insurance Coverage for US-born Individuals 2013-lead-poisoning-among-children_page_1Lead Poisoning Among Children of Mexican Origin 2013-oral-health13_page_1Oral Health Among Latinos in the US 2013-post-traumatic-stress-disorder_page_1Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Central American Immigrants
2013-traditional-complementary-and-alternative-medicine_page_1Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine in Mexican populations


2012-hiv-aids-9-25_page_1HIV/AIDS and Latinos in the US 2012-gangs-9-24-12_page_1Gangs Among Latinos in the US 2012-diabetes-9-24-12_page_1Diabetes and Latinos in the US 2012-access-to-care-9-24-12_page_1Access to Health Care for Latinos in the US


2011-whooping-cough-span_page_1Whooping Cough and Latinos in the US (Spanish) 2011-whooping-cough-eng_page_1Whooping Cough and Latinos in the US 2011-srhd-eng-final_page_1Sexual and Reproductive Health 2011-influenza-span_page_1Influenza (Spanish)
2011-influenza-eng_page_1Influenza 2011-health-reform-spn_page_1Health Reform (Spanish) 2011-health-reform-eng_page_1Health Reform


2010-womens-health-span-final_page_1Mexican Immigrant Woman (Spanish) 2010-womens-health-eng-final_page_1Mexican Immigrant Woman 2010-oral-health-english-final-9-01-10_page_1Oral Health and the Latinos in the US 2010-mental-health8-25-10_page_1Mental Health and Latinos in the US
2010-indigenous-english_page_1Indigenous Immigrant Communities in the US 2010-autism-span-final_page_1Autism (Spanish) 2010-autism-engl-final_page_1Autism


2008-occhealthsaftey_page_1Occupations Health and Safety 2008-mental-health_page_1Mental Health 2008-health-policy_page_1Health Service Disparity Among Mexican Immigrants 2008-health-insurance_page_1Health Insurance Coverage for the Latino Population
2008-diabetes_page_1Diabetes 2008-demographic-profile_page_1Demographic Profile of Mexican Immigrants in the US 2008-cmhi_description_page_1HIA Program Description 2008-agriculture_page_1Agricultural Workers


2005-whooping-cough-eng_page_1Whooping Cough and the Latinos in the US

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