Binational Promotores/as Program

Promotores/as or Community Health Workers (CHW)  provide outreach and education to members of their community. They receive training, and they can be in paid positions or work as volunteers.  . Promotores/as are an integral part in linking underserved populations to existing resources and services. They play key liaison and educator roles among agricultural workers in particular, and their familiarity with binational health issues in the context of migration is imperative. The HIA promotores/as program has three components: promotoras/es training manuals on migration and health, binational conferences

1) Promotoras/es training manuals

To enhance the work of promotores, HIA collaborates with its partners in the U.S. and Mexico to produce Spanish-language promotoras manuals and training materials on health topics pertinent to migration and migrants.

See our Promotoras/es training manuals here.

2) Promotoras/es exchanges and binational conferences.

Every year HIA organizes the Binational Promotores Conference where hundreds of promotores from the U.S. and Mexico attend and share best practices and strategies to enhance their work with the migrant populations. The two main objectives of this conference are to 1) increase participants’ knowledge of the health care systems in Mexico and the United States; as well as the social and cultural factors that impact migrant’s health, and 2) increase participants’ awareness of challenges faced by migrants in California that influence their health; in the topics of mental health, occupational health and safety, women’s sexual and reproductive health, and human development.

The last conference took place on March 12, 2019 in Oakland, California. You can access the Power Point presentations here.

3) Promotoras/es exchanges

The purpose of the  binational promotores exchange is to build their knowledge of health care systems in both the United States and Mexico and to develop skills in providing culturally competent care.

Promotora/es from USA travel to Mexico to visit promotoras/es training sites and meet with their Mexican counterparts to experience firsthand the context in which they operate and their service communities live. Mexican promotoras/es have a comparable experience in California, where HIA and partner organizations host them and facilitate their exchange experiences. The promotoras/es are exposed to the social, cultural, and political environment in which Mexican migrants live and the ways in which their life circumstances affect personal decisions to seek health care, access existing health services, and comply with medical treatments.

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