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Prevalence of Domestic Violence on Migrant Families that Migrate to the State of California, US: San Diego, from La Mesa and Coatzingo Communities from the State of Puebla between August 2007 to August 2008 
By: Sergio Aguilar Gaxiola and Sagrario Villamil Delgado

The “Other” Mayan Route: Migration and Health 
By: Ines Cornejo Portugal, Patricia Fortuny and Yvette Flores Ortiz

Comparative Study of Changes in Diet, Nutritional Status and Diabetes Prevalence in an Indigenous Migrating Population 
By: Victoria Persky, Lilian Gomez Bastidas, Noel Chavez, Eva Hernandez, and Elizabeth Banda

Experiences of Mexican Women when Accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health in California and Mexico City: Effects of Globalization and Immigration Policies (English) (Spanish)
By: Natalia Deeb-Sosa and Claudia Díaz Olavarrieta

Sangre Segura: An Epidemiological Study of Blood Transfusion Safety in the Mexico-US Border Region 
By: Edward L. Murphy and Sergio Arturo Sanchez-Guerrero

Jóvenes Migrantes Mexicanos: Factores de Riesgo y Vulnerabilidad Relacionados a la Salud Reproductiva 
By: Paul J. Gertler and Sergio A. Bautista

A Multidisciplinary Binational Study of Migrant Women in the Context of a US-Mexico Border Reproductive Care 
By: Anna Ochoa O’Leary and Gloria Ciria Valdes-Gardea