2008 Project Results


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Informing Public Policy Toward Binational Health Insurance: Empirical Evidence from California  (Report) (Policy Brief)
By: Brent D. Fulton, Omar Galarraga, and William H. Dow

“Bad Lungs” Capturing the Lived Experience of Childhood Asthma among Mexican Immigrant Families in California’s Central Valley (Report) (Policy Brief)
By: Norah Anita Schwartz, Christine Alysse von Glascoe and Victor Torres

Trans-Border Research on Stigma and Treatment Adherence in Tuberculosis (English) (Spanish)
By: Mark Lusk, Delia Puga Antuñez and Eva. M. Moya

Social Networks in the Access to Reproductive Health Services of Migrant Women to Chicago, Illinois: A Community Intervention 
By: Elena Gutierrez, and Maura Castaneda

Redes Sociales en el Acceso a los Servicios de Salud Reproductiva de las Mujeres Migrantes Zacatecanas
By Miguel Moctezuma Longoria and Oscar Pérez Veyna

“A Binational Assessment of the Disease Burden of Tuberculosis in Mexican Indigenous Migrant Communities in Sonora and Arizona” 
By: Thomas Weaver, and James Greenberg, and Gerardo Álvarez-Hernández

A Binational Study of the Health and Disability Challenges of Aged Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers on the US-Mexico Border 
By: Rodrigo Armijos and Evaristo Bernes Ramon