2011 Project Results

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Binational Team Projects

Utilization of health services by Mexican immigrants with breast cancer: Struggles and aspirations (Report) (Policy Brief)
Principal Investigators: Norah Anita Schwartz and Jong-Deuk Baek, San Diego State University
Funding Amount: $40,000

Study of Mental health and substance abuse among migrants in Yucatán, México & Southern California 
Principal Investigators: María Luisa Zuñiga, San Diego State University and Pedro Lewin Fischer, UC San Diego
Funding Amount: $40,000

Using a Binational Web-based platform to ensure HIV/AIDS Continuity of Care & Health Coordination (Report) (Policy Brief)
Principal Investigators: Rita Melendez, San Francisco State University, Jorge Zepeda, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Rafael Armando Samaniego Garay, Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas
Funding Amount: $40,000

Promoting Child Adjustment, Parenting, and Parent Well-Being in Vulnerable Mexican Migrant Families with a Culturally Responsive Evidence-Based Prevention Program (Article: Bi-national cross-validation of an evidence-based conduct problem prevention model. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology)
Principal Investigators Michael Bloomquist, University of Minnesota and Rafael Gutierrez, Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz
Funding Amount: $40,000

The Reproductive Health of Mexican Migrant Women in Ciudad Juarez, Guadalajara, Mexico, and El Paso, Texas 
Principal Investigators: Eva M. Moya, Universidad de Texas em El Paso and Osmar Juan Matsui Santana
Funding Amount: $40,000

Family psychological and mental health within the context of illegal migration (Report) (Policy Brief)
Principal Investigators: Ana Lucero-Liu, University of Arizona and Marcela Sotomayor-Peterson, Universidad de Sonora
Funding Amount: $40,000

Graduate Students

Perceptions Regarding Sexual Health and HIV Risk among Female Farmworkers 
Cynthia Albarrán
Institution: UC Los Angeles
Funding Amount: $5,000

The Influence of the Mother-Daughter Relationship on Mexican-Origin Girls’ Sexual Agency
Kali Van Campen
Institution: University of Arizona
Funding Amount: $4,397

Narrative Communication and the Self-Efficacy to Seek Depression Treatment: Assessing the Effects
Maria Hernandez
Institution: UC Berkeley
Funding Amount: $4,882

Migrant Farmworkers, ‘Illegality,’ and Health Care Access in New York State
James Shuford
Institution: State University of New York – Albany
Funding Amount: $4,910

Access to Health among Foreign-born CA Farm Workers: Legal Status, Precarious Employment & Health-Related Quality of Life
Emily Sousa
Institution: UC Davis
Funding Amount: $5,000