2012 Project Results


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Binational Team Projects

A Health Promotion Model for Migrant Agricultural Workers from Southern Mexico (Report) (Policy Brief)
By: Maria Ortega and Jill de Zapien

The Unintended Consequences of Deporting Parents (Report) (Policy Brief)
By: Lina Mendez and Guillermina Natera Rey

A Binational Study on Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance among Overweight and Obese Women (Policy Brief)
By: Sylvia Guendelman and Martha Kaufer-Horwitz

Mental Health Sequelae and the Role of Culture in Mexican Migrants (English) (Spanish)
By: Griselda Villalobos and Sergio Guadalupe Sánchez Díaz

Community Health, Transnational Mobility, and Global Climate Change: The Oaxaca-California Nexus
By: David Kyle and Carlos Gay

Impacto de la migración en la salud mental y el funcionamiento familiar en hombres mexicanos
By: Yvette Flores and Ericka Cervantes Pacheco

Twin Gods: A Mixed-Method Investigation of Diet Change in Latino Immigrants
By: David Lopez-Carr and Silvia Mejía Arango

Bridging Worlds (Report) (Policy Brief)
By: Judith Munter and Miguel Guemez Pineda

Graduate Students

Mental Health among Hispanic-Latino Families in North County, California
By: Matthew Cappiello, UC San Diego School of Medicine (Dissertation)

Psychosocial Stressors and Transnational Migrants Mental Health: An Exploratory Binational Study
By: Veronica Montes, UC Santa Barbara

El proceso de salud/ enfermedad/ atenció en salud mental de mujeres de origen poblano en Nueva York
By: Nadia Santillanes

Role of Time Preferences in Health Seeking Behaviors among Mexicans
By: Sandhya V. Shimoga, UC Los Angeles