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A Socio-Cultural and Epidemiological Profile of the Mexican Migrant Elderly in Jalisco and Texas (Report) (Policy Brief)
By: Silvia Torezani and José Luis López

Health and Migration on the Southern Border of Mexico: Access, Policies, and Perspectives
By: Cecilia Rivas and Alejandro Cerda García

Participatory Development of a Health Promotion Intervention to Improve the Health of Migrant Women (English) (Spanish)
By: Cecilia Rivas and Ietza Bojorquez

Unemployment and Mental Health among Mexican and Other Latin-American Immigrants in the U.S. (Policy Brief)
By: Catalina Aumedo-Dorantes and Maritza Caicedo

The Ulysses Syndrome among Economic and Political Migrants from Mexico
By: Ernesto Castañeda, Leticia Calderon Chelius, and Roberto Sánchez Benitez

Deporting Youth: The Emotional and Physical Effects of Violence and Trauma among Deported Minors
By: Linda Green, Scott Whiteford, and Sonia Bass Zavala

Contexts and Implications of Gang Tattoos for Mexican Deportees
By: Victoria Ojeda and Adriana Vargas Ojeda

DESPIERTA: Developing Educational Strengths: Promoting Individual Responsible Teen Awareness
By: Mary de Leon Siantz and Nicte Castañeda

Master’s Dissertations

Yaqui Health Development: Determinants of Yaqui Auxiliares’ Public Health Capacity
By: Christina Oré de Boehm

The Embodiment of Social Suffering as Disease amongst Mexican Immigrants in Tucson, Arizona
By: Rebecca Croker

Mental Health and Quality of Life of Undocumented Mexican Immigrants in the California-Mexico Border
By: Luz Garcini

Cultural Adaptation of a Mindfulness Intervention: Its Effect on Stress and IMpcat on Public Policy
By: Eric López Maya

Heat Stress and Kidney Function in California’s Agricultural Workers
By: Sally Moyce