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Expanded access to health care and use of services among immigrant youth in Los Angeles
By: Heike Thiel de Bocanegra and Rafael Lozano

Social Isolation and chronic disease management among older Mexican adults in the U.S. and Mexico
By: Arturo Vargas Bustamante and Mireya Compte Vilar

Risk factors for liver disease among adults of Mexican descent in the United States and Mexico
By: Zuo-Feng Zhang and Yvonne Flores Leonard

Weight, family structure, and food preparation: Oaxacans in Mexico and CA
By: Tina Sacks and Magdalena López Rocha,

Adoption of Healthy Lifestyles in Adults with Metabolic Syndrome: Cardiometabolic control
By: Margaret Handley and Ismael Campos Nonato

Detection and follow-up of latent tuberculosis infection among migrant workers, United States and Me
By: Eyal Oren and Francisco Gonzalez-Salazar

Stress Coping, Health Behaviors, and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Mexican Migrant Women
By; Jennifer Sánchez and Beatriz Araceli Díaz Torres

Mental Health and HIV Among Mexican Migrants and Implications for Healthcare Delivery
By: Jose Luis Burgos and Fatima Muñoz

Trastornos Depresivos y de Ansiedad en Adultos Mexicanos Repatriados
By: Adrián Aguilera and Araceli Jiménez Mendoza

Master’s Dissertations

Understanding the mental health and wellbeing of “undocumented” Mexican Men
By: Clare Barrington

Community-specific Diabetes Prevention in a Walk-in Primary Care Setting on the US-Mexico Border
By: Linda C. Gallo