2015 Project Results


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Binational Team Projects

Addressing IPV and Unintended Pregnancy in Health Care Settings among Adolescents in Mexico
By: Argentina E. Servin and Yolanda Palma Cabrera

Sexual Harassment in the Agricultural Workplace
By: Stephen A. McCurdy and María Elena Rivera Heredia

Bi-national perspectives on adolescent childbearing, obesity, diabetes and cesarean sections
By: Claire Brindis and Jorge Arturo Cardona Pérez

Mexican migrant MSM, sexual networks, and HIV prevention hotspots in San Bernardino County
By: Susan Cassels and Carlos Magis Rodriguez

Effect of Cultural Barriers in the Perception of Occupational Risk in Mexican Migrant Workers
By: Gabriel Ibarra-Mejía AND Aurora Irma Máynez-Guaderrama

Health and Psychosocial Emotional Identity in Migrants and Non-migrants in Mexico and the U.S.
By: Robin E. Gearing and Maria del R. Silva

HIV Access to Prevention and Care: Assessment of Latino Immigrant Laborers in Rural California
By: Rita M. Melendez, Jorge Zepeda and Rafael Samaniego

Mujer Saludable on the US-Mexico Border: A Promotora-led Adaptation and Expansion of Sexual Health
By: Rosi Andrade and Martha Miker and Elizabeth S. Valdez

The Impact of Migration on Aging in Place in Elder People migrating into the US
By: Candyce S. Berger and Maria de los Angeles Lopez

Graduate Students

A Quantitative Analysis of Acculturation and its Role on Substance Use: Myth vs Reality
By: Miriam Alvarez

Perturbation Training for Preventing Falls among Hispanic Workers: A Pilot Study
By: Patrick Anthony Cereceres

HIV/AIDS and HPV co-infection in Northern and Southern Mexico border regions
By: Celina I. Valencia

Using parent-child interaction tasks to study the effect of PTSD on Mexican mother-child relations
By: Diego Garcia-Huidobro

Tomato Workers Perspective on Occupational Health and Work Organization
By: Rachel Kelley

Addressing the Reproductive and Sexual Health Needs of Mexican American Men in the US-Mexico Border
By: Jacob Martinez

Living Conditions, Mental Health Outcomes & Protective Factors in Urban Latino Migrant Day Laborers
By: Samantha Ngo