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Binational PI Teams

Liver-related Mortality among Mexican adults in the United States and Mexico
By: Hiram Beltrán-Sanchez, UC Los Angeles, and Ivonne Nicole Flores Leonard, Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Funding amount: $25,000

Migrant Health at the U.S. and Mexico’s Southern Borders: Female, Indigenous, and Deported Migrants
By: Christine Kovic, University of Houston, and Alejandro Cerda, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Funding amount: $26,000

Farm Labor Conditions and Health Outcomes of Female Mixtec Farmworkers on California’s Central Coast
By: Christy Getz, UC Berkeley, and Maria de Lourdes Camarena Ojinaga, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Funding amount: $20,000

Understanding the ecosyndemics of rural childhood asthma in a Mexican immigrant community
By: John Balmes, UC San Francisco/ UC Berkeley, and Norah Anita Schwartz, Colegio de la Frontera Norte
Funding amount: $27,500

Building Binational Partnerships to Address Rural Mexican Migrants’ Healthcare Service Needs
By: Ann M. Cheney, UC Riverside, and Ana Maria Lopez Jaramillo, Comisión de Salud Fronteriza México-Estados Unidos
Funding amount: $29,000

Assessing & Improving Mental Health in Mexican & Mexican-American Youth via School-Home Intervention
By: Lauren Haack, UC San Francisco, and Eva Araujo Jimenez, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa
Funding amount: $26,000

Chagas disease in pregnant Mexicans of Hospital General de México and migrants seen at Johns Hopkins
By: Heidi Brown, University of Arizona, and Ingeborg Becker, UNAM
Funding amount: $26,000

Latent tuberculosis, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and diabetes among deported Mexican migrants
By: Midori Kato-Maeda, UC San Francisco, and Rosa Maria Wong Chew, UNAM
Funding amount: $25,000

Resilience, Faith, and Social Supports among Migrants and Refugees from Central America and Mexico
By: Mark Lusk, University of Texas at El Paso, and Delia Puga Antúnez, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
Funding amount: $24,000

Violencia de género como problema de salud pública en mujeres migrantes portadoras de VIH/SIDA
By: María Elena Ruiz, UC Los Angeles, and Juan Manuel de Jesús Favela Hernández, Universidad Autónoma de Durango
Funding amount: Pending

Graduate Students

Youth Participatory Action Research to Examine Border-Bound Factors Influencing Youth Substance Use
By: Elizabeth Valdez
Institution: University of Arizona
Funding amount: $5,000

Embodiment of Risk in the US-México Border: Effects of Deportation on Health and Well-being
By: Dinorah L. Sanchez
Institution: UC San Diego
Funding amount: $5,000

Socioecological determinants of comorbid HIV and type 2 diabetes along the U.S.-Mexico border
By: Jessica McCurley
Institution: UC San Diego
Funding amount: $5,000

Trauma, Psychological Distress, and Cardiometabolic Health among US Latinos and Latino Immigrants.
By: Angela Gutierrez
Institution: UC San Diego / SDSU
Funding amount: $5,000

Institutional Barriers: The Limits on Unaccompanied Minors’ Ability to Access Medical Care
By: Katherine Barahona-Lopez
Institution: UC Santa Cruz
Funding amount: $5,000

Rethinking Structural Inequalities and Illnesses in Indigenous Oaxacan Communities
By: Candy Martinez
Institution: UC Santa Cruz
Funding amount: $5,000

A CBPR study of mental health and substance abuse among at-risk indigenous youth in Yucatán, México
By: Kayla Mulholland
Institution: San Diego State University
Funding amount: $4,200

El proceso de acompañamiento de las migraciones indocumentadas por países de tránsito.
By: Jorge Antonio Morales Cardiel
Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas
Funding amount: $5,000

Computer-aided Classification of Impulse Oscillometric Measures of Lung Function in Children
By: Nancy Avila
Institution: University of Texas at El Paso
Funding amount: $5,000