BHW 2017


The XVII edition of the Binational Health Week (BHW), under the motto “Health unites us all,” was held during October 2017 in the USA and Canada. Moreover, due to the endeavor of the Colombian Consulate’s Network and the “Colombia unites us” program, BHW reached Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, France, Brazil, Belgium, and Spain. Every year, since October of 2001, Binational Health Week has been coordinated by the Mexican Health and Foreign Affairs Ministries, the International Affairs Ministries from Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, and Peru, the Health Initiative of the Americas of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, as well as by the support of thousands of local organizations. Thanks to their leadership, 1,768 health activities and events were organized, including health fairs, conferences, classes, and sports events. Approximately 219,410 people attended those events. Close to 6,664 organizations joined this efforts and offered 245,843 free health screenings and services, including glucose, cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure, HIV, mammograms, breast exams, PAP smears, dental check-ups, vision check-ups, bone density, flu shots and other vaccinations, mental health screenings, health insurance enrollments and referrals, among other health related services.

2017 Report (English)

2017 Report (Spanish)