Caroline Dickinson

Xóchitl Castañeda
E-mail Xochitl

Liliana Osorio
Border Region Manager
E-mail Liliana

Caroline Dickinson
Administrative Manager
E-mail Caroline

Stephany Pizano
Program Coordinator
E-mail Stephany

Valdemar Díaz Hinojosa
Binational Program Manager
E-mail Valdemar

Bob White
Event Photographer
E-mail Bob


Staff Support:

Carlos Paramo
Email Carlos

Braulio Hernandez
Email Braulio

Abraham Vazquez
Email Abraham

Camila Ruiz Custodio


Caroline Dickinson

Business Manager



Caroline began working with the Initiative in October 2002, after graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Classical Archaeology and Anthropology. At the Initiative, she works as the Business Manager and provides support with special projects, research, development, grant administration, and the Advisory Board. Before joining the Initiative, Caroline spent 6 summers on an archaeological dig in Tel Dor, Israel as a supervisor for the UC Berkeley Tel Dor Expedition.

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