Press Center

The Health Initiative of Americas’ press strategy focuses on raising public awareness of migrant health issues and recognizes that radio, newspapers, and television are the primary sources of information for the Latin American migrant/immigrant community. Our main incentives and objectives are:

To increase community participation in HIA activities by announcing events through local radio stations, newspapers, and television networks.

To influence public and political opinion by highlighting the social, economic, and political contributions of Latin American migrants/ immigrants in the United States.

To raise public awareness of migrant health issues by disseminating information about health disparities through the media.

Inform migrants/immigrants of health resources and services that are available in their communities, for example by distributing helpful bilingual materials and announcing toll-free information hotlines.

HIA also creates television and radio health spots to promote healthy behavior among migrant/immigrant families. To see these, visit our Media page or our YouTube page.

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