Public Service & Community Engagement

Among the lowest wage earners, a large proportion of the Mexican immigrant population receives inadequate health services as a result of cultural and economic barriers that affect personal access and use of existing resources. The health of a mobile population requires multiple approaches to service design and delivery, and use of local resources and environments. HIA’s principal programs to directly increase the access to health care for this population are:

    • Athena Network: A Social support network in the are of health and specifically in mental health for immigrants experiencing trauma related to the migratory process.


    • Binational Health Week: One of the largest mobilization efforts in the AMericas to improve the well-being of underserved populations. Events include health education workshops, healthcare and health insurance referrals, emdical screenings and treatment services.


    • Binational Promotoras Program: The promotoras program components include Health Stations in the Mexican Consulates (Ventanillas de Salud), training (through binational immersion experiences) and research to produce health education materials. This program aims to empower promotoras to build knowledge of both the U.S. and Mexico health care systems in order to improve their skills to provide culturally competent health care.


    • Health Campaigns: The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Campaigns take place throughout the year and are implemented as themes during Binational Health Week.


    • IBIZA: Zacatecas (Mexico)- California program that focuses on health through academia, service providers, and CBO’s. This collaborative program between the government of Zacatecas and HIA helps improve the health and quality of life for the Zacatecan population that live in the U.S. IBIZA provides for the coordination, development and implementation of activities within the framework of the provision of primary and preventative services, scientific research to impact public policy and the training of personnel.


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