HIA strongly believes that research is imperative and can provide important information about disease trends and risk factors, outcomes of treatment or public health interventions, functional abilities, patterns of care, and health care costs and use. As a result, HIA has created several programs that aim to understand more about migration and health. These programs include:

  • COEMH:  The Center of Expertise on Migration and Health will be the first multidisciplinary, university-based program in the world devoted to systematically studying the health consequences of international population movements and developing more effective strategies to address them.


  • MAHRC: The Migration and Health Research Center strives to improve the health of migrant communities globally by conducting research with the aim of improving the health of migrants thereby promoting awareness of issues of migration and health and disseminating research findings and news related to migration and health for academic and non-academic audiences.


  • PIMSA: La Programa de Investigación en Migración y Salud, funds binational research teams whose research proposals focus on migration and health within current policy contexts. Both preliminary and final results of these projects have been presented in public policy forums attended by academic
    researchers, key stakeholders, and policy makers from Mexico and the United States.

Besides this, HIA is also actively involved in the UC-Mexico Initiative-Health Working Group.

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